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Risk of Esophageal Ulcerations Associated with Bisphosphonates


  • The use of bisphosphonates has been associated with gastrointestinal adverse events, including esophageal ulcerations.
  • Although case reports and endoscopic studies have shown esophageal irritation from bisphosphonate use, large, randomized controlled trials do not show significant differences in gastrointestinal effects when bisphosphonates are compared to placebo.
  • Data suggest that esophageal complications are uncommon when bisphosphonates are properly administered.

Author: Carolyn J. Steber, PharmD
Editor-in-Chief:  Anthony J. Busti, MD, PharmD, FNLA, FAHA
Content Editors: Sabrina W. Cole, PharmD, BCPS and Donald S. Nuzum, PharmD, BCACP, BC-ADM, CDE, CPP
Last Reviewed:  August 2015

Supporting Guidelines

  • National Osteoporosis Foundation:

    "Side effects are similar for all oral bisphosphonate medications and include gastrointestinal problems such as difficulty swallowing, inflammation of the esophagus and gastric ulcer."  

    • Reference:  National Osteoporosis Foundation.  Clinician's Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis.  2013.  Click Here

Landmark or Original Studies

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