EBM Consult

About Us

The Beginning:

EBM Consult was founded by Anthony Busti, MD, PharmD, MSc, FNLA, FAHA out of a recognition that health care professionals lack access to concise, easy to understand, evidence-based medical information that provides the basis for the practice of medicine while also helping clinicians to integrate that evidence with previously learned knowledge, clinical experience, and in a manner that is patient oriented.  In addition, Dr. Busti has a vision to:

  • Make this core medical information free to everyone in the world.
  • Give educators in medicine, pharmacy, and nursing access to resources that can aid them in training the current and next generation of health care providers towards the practice of true evidence-based medicine.

Our editorial board, authors, and peer-reviewers are made up of licensed, practicing health care professionals and scientists with a broad range of education, training, and experiences in nursing, pharmacy, and medicine who also recognize this need and embrace this vision.  This broad background of medical professionals provides a unique perspective to the content being put together.

The Plan:

EBM Consult is clearly taking on a big task and fully recognizes that thousands of topics will need to be covered and that this will be a continuous process.  That is okay.  We have to start somewhere.  As such this online service is a work in progress since many of the authors and editors of the content still have active medical practices where they take care of patients. Therefore, if you see something that is not available, please feel free to contribute. If your submission is accepted after an internal peer-review process, we will offer you authorship recognition similar to a medical journal when you submit a manuscript.  This way we all contribute and benefit from it.

Please feel free to share any of our information with others. You also have permission to use the images for any of your lectures, but please give EBM Consult appropriate recognition.  If you get a minute, send us a note to let us know what you like and/or what we could do to better to serve you and others.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you do find the information available to be helpful at expanding your knowledge as well give you access to tools that make your life a little easier.