EBM Consult

How to Use Images Tutorial

Using Images on EBM Consult:

We would like to take a moment to highlight 2 core features regarding the medical images available at EBM Consult:

  • How to see the labels on images: 
    • When you see an image without labels (anatomy, x-ray, ultrasound image) hover over it with your cursor (if on PC or laptop) ... or ... tap on the image (if using a tablet or smartphone) and the labels will appear.
    • For the Educator:
      • This is helpful if you want to highlight something without the answer being shown up front during your teaching point
    • For the Learner:
      • This is can aid in studying anatomy, identification of key findings on an x-ray or ultrasound image....see if you know it and then check yourself to make sure
    • See below how it works ... 
  • Download and use our medical images for FREE:
    • You can use our images for your personal use (lectures, presentations, teaching sessions, etc...)
    • See below how to get the images ...

How to See the Labels on Images


How to Download & Use Images

  • If there are images available for download follow the steps below: