EBM Consult

Disclaimer: A Work In Progress

    • EBM Consult is a free service written by licensed, practicing health care providers who also still have active medical practices.  As such, this is a work in progress and we will be continuously adding new content. 
    • If you see something that is not available despite the below search methods, please feel free to contribute by clicking on the "Submit a Topic" button. If your submission is complete and accepted after an internal peer-review process, we will offer you authorship recognition similar to a medical journal.  This way we all benefit. 
    • Below are the 3 ways to search the system.
      • Typical Keyword Search
      • Searching Database by Manual Outline
      • Using the Advanced Search Settings
      • Using on a Mobile Device .... click here

Search Methods

    Typical Keyword Search
    • The best way to search and accurately find an available article or topic is by typing slowly into the search box and choosing from a keyword string displayed as you type. This methodology is used to try to show you what is available so you can quickly find what you are looking for (if it is available).
      • Note: Only 10 options will display at a time from the drop down options.  Other options may exist, so you may have to keep typing to show more results or to narrow them down or you can try starting with another keyword.
    • You can start a new search from the homepage or any article page.
    • If what you are typing is not showing up as an option, please either continue typing the words out so that the options narrow down or you can try starting with another keyword or try the options below.



    Search Database Manually by Outline
    • This option allows you to see or visualize the various categories and subcategories of content and the articles assigned to them.
    • You can access the same articles from this route as you would in a typical keyword search.
    • You can access the ability to manually search by outline from the homepage or any article page (see the below images)


    • Access from the Homepage


    • Access from an Article Page  

    • Example of Manual Search of a Database by Outline 

    Using the Advance Search Settings
    • The most effective method for accurately finding what is available in our database is doing a keyword search as described above. 
    • You can also set your own advance search settings and/or limit the search to a specific database or area of content.  
    • You can access the advanced search settings from any page (see images or examples below).


    • Access from the Homepage:


    • Access from an Article Page:


    • Advanced Search Settings:
      • Once you have selected one of the above you will have the following options.

    Access from Mobile Device
      • EBM Consult is fully functional on all iOS devices from Apple, including your iPhone and iPad

      • To quickly access EBM Consult from your Apple device by adding a touch icon to your homescreen
      • Click Here