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Pharmacogenetics: CYP2C9 Genetic Polymorphisms

     Allele Population
    Single Nucleotide
    2C9 Enzyme
     CYP2C9*1  General Population
     Wild-type; 50,720 base pairs  10q24.1  Normal 28  0.22
     CYP2C9*2  12.8% European Descent
    1.3% African Americans
     R144C (3608C→T)
     Exon 3
     ↓  ↔  ↓
     CYP2C9*3  6.3% European Descent
    1.9% African Americans
    2-4% Asians
     I359L (42614A→C)
     Exon 7
     ↓  ↓  ↔
     CYP2C9*5  0.9-1.8% African
     D360E (42619C→G)
     Exon 7
     ↓  ↑  ↔
     CYP2C9*6  0.1-0.75% African
     10601delA (818delA)
     Exon 5
     Null  -  -
     CYP2C9*11  1.5% African American
     R335W (1003C→T)
     Exon 7
     ↓  ↑  -

    : C = cystine, D = aspartate, E = glutamate, I = isoleucine, L = leucine, R = arginine, W = tryptophan; letters in (parenthesis) represent the single nucleotides that make up the DNA sequence and codons to code for an amino acid (A = adenine, C = cytosine, G = guanine, T = thymine).
      Km = the concentration of drug at which half the maximal rate the reaction occurs; it reflects the binding affinity and rate of the substrate (medication) to the enzyme.  Vmax = the velocity of the reaction at maximal concentrations of the substrate (medication). 


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