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Pharmacogenetics: CYP2C19 Genetic Polymorphisms


    Single Nucleotide
     CYP2C19*1  General Population
     Wild-type; 50,720bp  10q24.1-3  Normal  Extensive metabolizer
     CYP2C19*2  2-5% Caucasians
     18-23% Japanese
     40bp deletion
     Exon 5
     ↓  Poor metabolizer
     CYP2C19*3  13% Islands of
     W212X(636G→A)  Exon 4
     ↓  Poor metabolizer;
     premature stop codon
     CYP2C19*4  0.6-3% Caucasians
     M1V (Mutation in
     initiation codon
     ↓  Poor metabolizer,
     Defect in initiation
     CYP2C19*5  Low in both Chinese
     & Japanese
     R433W (1297C→T)  Exon 9  ↓  Poor metabolizer
     CYP2C19*17  18% Ethiopians
     & Swedes,
     1.3% Japanese,
     0.64% Chinese
     C806T (3402C→T)
     ↑  Ultra-rapid metabolizer
     Increased 2C19 gene

    Note: A = adenine (nucleotide), C = cystine (nucleotide), G = guanine (nucleotide), M = methionine (amino acid),
    R = arginine (amino acid), T = thymine (nucleotide); V = valine (amino acid); W = tryptophan (amino acid); X = termination codon.
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