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Lempert Maneuver (Roll maneuver, Barbeque roll)

    • Treats canilithiasis of the horizontal/lateral canal
    • May occur as a complication of posterior canal BPPV treatment maneuvers
    • The side with the most prominent horizontal nystagmus is presumed to be the affected side
    1. The patient should lie supine on the exam table, affected ear down
    2. Quickly turn the head 90° towards the unaffected side, facing up
      1. Wait 15-20 seconds between each head turn
    3. Turn the head 90° so affected ear is up
    4. Have patient tuck arms to chest, roll patient to a prone position with face down
    5. Have patient turn on side as you roll their head 90° (returning to original position, affected ear down)
    6. Position the patient so they are face up and bring to a sitting position
    • Treatment with the log roll is successful approximately <75% of the time (reported effectiveness ranges from 50%-100%)
    • Longer intervals of time between head turns may provoke nausea
    • Do not perform maneuver on patients in which it is not safe to move their head (i.e. cervical spine injuries)
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    • Anthony J. Busti, MD, PharmD, FNLA, FAHA

    Last Reviewed: September 2016

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