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Humerotrochlear Angle


  • The humerotrochlear angle is one of several radiographic lines used in the evaluation of a supracondylar fracture on a lateral radiograph of the elbow. 
  • It should be about 40 degrees. 

Humerotrochlear Line on Lateral Elbow Radiograph

    Humerotrochlear Angle

    Humerotrochlear Angle Image

    How to Measure

    While looking at a lateral elbow radiograph (x-ray), the humerotrochlear angle is measured by:

    • Drawing a line down the midshaft of the humerus 
    • Drawing a line along the axis of the condyles
    • The angle is between the humeral shaft line and the axis of the condyles and should be ~40 degrees.
    Clinical Application

    The humerortrochlear anlge is used in conjunction with other radiographic lines used in assessing for the presence of a supracondylar fracture (a fracture involving the distal end of the humerus):

    • Baumann's angle
    • Medial epicondylar epiphyseal angle
    • Anterior humeral line
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