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Brandt-Daroff Exercise

    • To reduce symptoms of vertigo using vestibular habituation exercises performed by patients at home
    • Movements loosen and ultimately disperse degenerated otolithic particles from the cupula of the posterior semicircular canal
    1. Instruct patient to hold each position for 30 seconds or until vertigo subsides
    2. Sit on the edge of the bed (near the middle), legs hanging down
    3. Turn the head to the right at a 45° angle
    4. Quickly lie down on the left side, maintain head position at 45°
    5. Sit up
    6. Turn head to the left at a 45° angle
    7. Quickly lie down on the right side, maintain head position at 45°
    8. Sit up
    9. Repeat exercise on each side 6-10 times
    Patient Teaching
    • Perform the exercise 2-3 times a day until vertigo disappears for 2 consecutive days
    • Remind patient to keep their nose to the ceiling when laying down on each side
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